Makeover: Anuel AA does the unimaginable to get Billie Eilish's attention

Puerto Rican Anuel AA took the audacity to copy the extroverted look of the American singer Billie Eilish. Look what he looks like.

Puerto Rican Anuel AA confessed some time ago that she loves Billie Eilish's songs and that she would like to one day record an album with her, however on this occasion she did the unimaginable to capture the singer's attention.

In a remote interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host of the show asked Anuel AA who he would like to bring up a song with, and the singer said:

"I really like Billie Eilish's music. It's very different. My work doesn't resemble hers, but I love her music, her vibe. She is the only one I would like to work with right now ”

However, the singer is being a trend on social networks for having dyed her hair green, since recently the Puerto Rican published some photos on her account on Instagram that show her unexpected change of look.

At the time of publishing the photographs, Anuel AA wrote the following in the description: "BROLY", which accompanied by various emoticons, however the incredible similarity that Anuel's new look has with that of Billie eilish is inevitable.