Mario Cimarro Vs. Telemudo: Reports of abuses and robberies to the actors (Video)

Over the weekend, Mario Cimarro denounced the alleged abuse and mistreatment suffered by the actors who work on that Hispanic TV network.

17 years ago, actor Mario Cimarro became one of the emblems of the Telemundo network, starring in Pasión de Gavilanes, one of the most viewed soap operas in the last two decades.

Unfortunately, the Cuban link with Telemundo has deteriorated, to the point that Mario Cimaro denounced the alleged abuse and mistreatment suffered by the actors who work on that Hispanic TV network based in the United States over the weekend.

Among the serious irregularities reported by Mario Cimarro, the theft of wages and income stands out, corresponding to the actors and actresses who participate in the Telemundo dramas.

"Telemundo executives took ten thousand dollars from the actors' salary at the end of the projects, and there was no manager or representative to prevent it", said Mario Cimarro in a video published on his Instagram.

The gallant highlighted that a decade ago he was vetoed by Telemundo for confronting the abuses against his colleagues, as well as not accepting to be part of the media scandals planned by the chain in order to increase the tuning of his productions.

"I had to endure constant threats, including physical violence on the sets of every project I did with them",  said Mario Cimarro due to his attitude in criticizing the constant abuses of Telemundo.

“They created fictional situations where they compromised my family integrity (…) they wanted to create rating increases at any cost. They did not care about the good audience created by the quality of the performances”, said the artist, referring to Telemundo.

"Telemundo unjustly fired hundreds of artists 10 years ago, in the United States, including Lorena Rojas, who was suffering from a terminal illness" , Mario Cimarro recalled in the text accompanying the video.

"Telemundo still does not pay for the replays of our soap operas, such as Pasión de Gavilanes and El Cuerpo del Deseo (...) the president of Telemundo intimidates the actors so that they do not give them access to medical care, overtime pay and a fair minimum wage using the cliche phrase 'we are a family´ ” , he wrote.

"When Telemundo vetoes an artist, the entire industry listens and obeys (…) small or medium-sized companies listen and decide not to hire that artist any longer if they want to establish or continue a commercial relationship with Telemundo" , said Mario Cimarro.