Mark Ruffalo makes fun of his new performance as the Hulk. Look what it's about!

After both Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) found their end in the latest installments of the saga, new characters are prepared.

By  Right Now Newsroom

So the original six Avengers have already reached their final outcome. Black Widow will likely make its final appearance at the premiere of its sequel. But so far the only thing known about the Hulk is this.

There is also the end of Thor in the next installment, called: "Love and Thunder" in which it is presumed we will see Thor's girlfriend use the powerful hammer. Information that has been confirmed by Disney +. It was the unknown whereabouts of Ruffalo's character.

Everything indicates that after the Hulk appears in the next installment of the Hulk, his story continues until he finds a new character already confirmed: She-Hulk. The irate female character will keep the hero company. And Ruffalo has mocked.

There are those who speculate that She-Hulk could be played by Brie Larsson. But no one has confirmed it. Faced with the murky comments and speculation, Mark commented with a sneering and sarcastic face: "no comment."

The absence of comments further sparked interest in the next installment in which Marvel fans could see the appearance of Red-Hulk.

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