Mauricio Martínez says to Ricky Martin: "We don't sleep together because you don't want to"

The controversy that has caused comments on the networks regarding a flirtation towards Ricky Martin by the Mexican actor.

The beautiful singer Ricky Martin is always in the news, either for his unmatched talent or for his private life.

A direct confession

Recently, the singer sent a message through Instagram to Mauricio Martínez, Mexican singer and actor, with the phrase: "Hey, say hello that we don't sleep together".

This perhaps is a normal comment, one that could be said to anyone. However what Martin could not anticipate was the response of the Mexican actor.

Without hesitation and without thinking about Jwan Yosef, instead of saying hello, Martínez replied: "Because you don't want ...".

This response is a very modern way of expressing to him that he has feelings for Martin, to which the singer has not replied.

Several celebrities have praised the guts of the Mexican actor by publicly expressing to Ricky Martin what he feels. Angélica Vale, Ximena Herrera, Mónica Huarte and Gaby Platas, are some of those who applaud the Mexican's response.