Mayonnaise, your best ally for this extraordinary hair mask

Mayonnaise is one of the most used ingredients in cooking, mindful of its great qualities to combine flavors, both hot and cold. But what happens if we apply it to our hair? Its composition allows to obtain a softer and shiny hair. Look how.

Who does not eat mayonnaise today? In the art of cooking, it is a widely used complement, either bought in a supermarket or made in a homemade way. However, it is not only feasible to eat it, but also apply it in the form of a mask.

It is a great homemade hair treatment, which allows it to be smoother, fight frizz and shine. Mayonnaise is an emulsion, as well as the conditioner we use when showering. It is a mixture of vinegar, oil and egg, three ingredients with extraordinary health benefits.

Use mayonnaise on the hair to achieve more softness and stop the fall

Homemade mayonnaise is made with raw eggs, which provide protein through the whites, and lipids and other vitamins thanks to the yolk. On the other hand, oil is the key ingredient that explains why mayonnaise hair treatment is so effective on dry and damaged hair; repairs dry and brittle hair, while adding shine. Furthermore, vinegar has a smoothing effect on all types of hair and gives it a natural shine.

How is mayonnaise applied to the hair to make it work?

The time needed for it to work will be longer the drier the hair is, ranging from 5 to 45 minutes. You can enhance the effect of the mayonnaise mask in two ways: either by applying heat to the hair with a blow dryer at low power while the hair is impregnated in your homemade recipe, or by placing aluminum foil (a good conductor of heat) on it by strands .

Homemade mayonnaise is perfect to use as a mask on your hair

If your scalp is parched, apply mayonnaise to it as well, massaging gently with your fingertips. Instead, if it is greasy, proceed to apply the mayonnaise mask only in the middle and ends. As your hair improves, skip the weekly application or a biweekly or monthly use, and reduce application times to avoid oiling your hair.