Meet the millionaire amount of money that Charlize Theron contributed to the pandemic

Half of your donation will go to combat gender-based violence promoted by quarantine

By  Right Now Newsroom

Charliz Theron and her foundation have committed to donating $ 1,000,000 to join international efforts against the coronavirus, of which half will only be used to combat cases of gender-based violence that have increased due to quarantine. 

The $ 500,000 will go to institutions that function as a shelter for victims of domestic violence and community programs, because different activists have warned that this has become a greater danger in these times of social isolation.

These resources will be distributed both in the United States and in South Africa, his native country, according to an official statement shared by the foundation "The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project".

"The global spread of Covid-19 has forced people to be at home and life has become even more dangerous for women suffering from gender violence, especially those who are marginalized," said the actress.

She also invited other influential women and organizations to support this critical cause and provide safe spaces and programs to save the lives of women in need.

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