Miley Cyrus celebrates 6 months of sobriety after surgery on her vocal cords

The 27-year-old singer went from being a Disney girl to a controversial woman with unorthodox decision-making that set her on a path of folly.

Miley Cyrus had to resort to surgery to repair the wear on her vocal cords. For this reason the whole issue of drinking had to be left behind. Today she boasts of her sobriety, but will it really last?

Overuse of her vocal cords made her have to resort to surgery

The reasons for the singer to decide to stop drinking alcohol came with her surgery, but not because she understood that this was harmful to her life and made her a negative focus of news.

However, here she is explaining the situation and sharing this personal milestone with the world.

"It has been really important for me to live a sober lifestyle for the last year, because I really wanted to polish my trade. I had a great vocal surgery in November. I had four weeks in which I was not allowed to speak", Cyrus explained to Marc Malkin. from Variety.

This operation came when her treating doctor explained that after the "excessive use of the vocal cords" due to her demanding work, surgery had to be performed to correct this wear.

Regarding her state of sobriety, the singer explained:

"It is really difficult because especially when I am young, there is the stigma of 'You are not funny'. It is like, 'Honey, you can call me many things, but I know that I am funny' (…) What I love is waking up 100%, the 100% of the time. I don't want to wake up dizzy. I want to wake up feeling ready ".