Miraculous fruit: Know why you should eat 1 pear daily

Miraculous fruit: Know why you should eat 1 pear daily

Fruits have special importance in the body because with them and their contributions, protect our body from diseases and nourish the cells of our body.

Pear is a watery fruit with a delicious and subtle flavor, and is suitable for dealing with aspects of vital importance for the prevention or treatment of diseases.

Miraculous fruit: Know why you should eat 1 pear daily.


The seeds of pears are used in modern cosmetics for their anti-inflammatory contribution, thus helping to improve areas of the skin that have some type of swelling as well as to treat acne.

Optimal immune system

Folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese and vitamins B2, B3, B6, C and K are the contributions that the immune system receives with the intake of this fruit, optimizing in this way the prevention of any type of viral contagion .

Power source

The energy contribution of this fruit lies in the high percentage of glucose and fructose it contains, therefore with the intake of this fruit we will be taking a good amount of low-calorie energy, since the percentage of fructose is greater than that of glucose.

More pectin less cholesterol

Pectin helps keep cholesterol at bay, which is why if you want to lower cholesterol levels or simply help prevent it. One pear a day is ideal for keeping bad cholesterol balanced.

Osteoporosis out

In addition to offering an important contribution of calcium to the body, the pear contains boron, necessary for the body to retain calcium in the body.

For all these and many other reasons, start eating a pear daily, which will help you maintain your body fitness and also regulate intestinal transit.

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