Miss Colombia Daniella Álvarez is already walking, days after the amputation of her leg (+ Video)

Daniella Álvarez shared a video on her Instagram account showing how she manages to walk supported by a walker

The Colombian model and presenter Daniella Álvarez, has already started to take her first steps after the series of surgical problems that led to the loss of much of her lower left limb.

Daniella Álvarez shared on her Instagram account a video in which she can see how she manages to walk supported by a walker and a device with special shoes, which allows her to support her right foot, which has little sensitivity.

Miss Colombia 2011 accompanied the video with this phrase: “I will never settle until the good is better and the best is excellent. Twelve days ago I underwent surgery for the last time and until today I have not stopped dedicating myself to overcoming my obstacles until I reached my goal. Here I go full of strength and dreams”, she wrote on her Instagram.

Daniella Álvarez, 32-year-old model and presenter, underwent emergency surgery last month to remove an abnormal mass found in her abdomen. The mass was attached to the aorta and as a result of the operation Miss Colombia's artery was blocked.

In subsequent surgery, the section of the affected aorta was reconstructed with a graft, an operation that failed. In a third operation, the graft was replaced by another that worked better, but the blood supply to her feet was affected, especially that of her left foot.

With the fourth operation, the medical team tried to improve blood circulation in the affected foot, but unfortunately the intervention was unsuccessful.

The ischemia resulting from the limb's lack of irrigation determined its amputation and its replacement by a prosthesis, a difficult decision that was made by the model, her family and the medical team.

The situation of Miss Colombia in 2011 led to a wave of solidarity from the authorities of that country, her artistic community and the general public, who supported Daniella Álvarez in the face of the difficult situation she is going through.