Mistakes we often make after exercising

It often happens repeatedly that after exercising we think we deserve an exquisite plate of food or just go to bed to sleep. Here you will know the mistakes that we usually make after exercising, without realizing the damage we do to our body.

Improper recovery decreases performance and increases vulnerability to injury. So, it is important that you know that after each workout the body recovers the energy it lost and the muscles rehabilitate.

7 mistakes we make after exercising

Next, know the 7 mistakes we make after training.

1.- Warm up comes first

7 mistakes we make after exercising

The body must be slowed down constantly and more, if you have had a strong workout. That is why it is important to return to calm, but this is not because you should sit or rest when you are finished. On the contrary, it is convenient to stretch before cooling down.

For this, it is necessary that you carry out some soft exercises and very easy to do, this is done in a way that there is the minimum muscle tension for about 15 or 20 minutes and no more than 2 per muscle.

2.- Drink energetic drinks

7 mistakes we make after exercising

If you have just had a strong workout, you should never drink an energy or sports drink. If you have been training for less than 1 hour, remember that the body in this time, has not lost enough minerals to recover by taking a sports or energy drink.

You have to keep in mind that energy drinks are not recommended to increase sports performance since they do not hydrate. However, we recommend that you wait at least 30 minutes and consume some protein, carbohydrate, or liquids.

Among the foods you can eat for its high protein you have: Tuna and soy; and carbohydrates that are of medium absorption: Rice, pasta or cereals.

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