MyMTV Music A personalized YouTube? Find out here the details of the new MTV channel

MTV revolutionized the way in which we perceive music, because thanks to them the massification of audiovisuals reached much of the planet.

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MTV adds a new acquisition to its family and has given the name of MyMTV Music something that again seeks to revolutionize the way music reaches you.

And you will ask yourself, what does MyMTV Music consist of? Well, it is a music channel where you can personalize what you listen to and of course when you listen to it, creating your own playlists full of the songs you like the most.

Creating a list of videos by musical genre, by decade or even according to your mood is possible with this channel that allows you to rate the videos so that the initiative can adapt to your musical preferences.

However, not everything is rosy, the only drawback you are going to face is that you must be a Vodafone TV client, that way you will have free access to MyMTV Music.

Entering is simple, on Vodafone Tv look for the "Applications" section through the decoder and select on the icon of the application of the pioneer in music videos.

The number of channels you can create amounts to 5, which you can set in the "My Channels" tab within settings.

From there you just have to click on "Create Channel +" and there select genres, moods and categories to start the playlist to which you can give the name of your preference.

MyMTV Music uses the "likes" that you give to the videos to refine your preferences, the same happens with your video reproductions, all adds up so that the application presents you with video options according to your preferences.

The genius of this app is that there is no limit on videos, if you know the name of the band, soloist, duo or group, the video will be there because it has all the material from the TV channel since its creation in 1985. I don't know
Your security is not in danger with the use of this application, since your data will not be registered in MyMTV Music.

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