Natti Natasha can't swim! Read the details of this story

The singer from the Dominican Republic spoke about issues of global importance, while enjoying the success of her song "Que mal te fue".

“Que mal te fue” is the result of social distancing, time in which the singer began in the world of music production, bringing to life the video of her song.

The singer commented on this in an interview for Billboard:

Natti Natasha

"I made a preview, I published it on my social networks, I saw the reaction and I thought: maybe this is what people want (…) They want a song with which they can feel something positive. Where they can dedicate it, sing it, shout it, dance it".

Regarding the George Floyd case and the protests in the United States, the 33-year-old singer said:

"We have to be very aware of what is happening. Learn about what is happening. Learn about history. How this all started. This is the time when we have to really understand that we must know the people who will lead our human rights in our cities. You need to discover who they are. Learn about them and if you really want them to be your leaders. I feel it is very important to do so because that is where it all begins "

On the other hand, in the same interview the singer, who comes from a country full of coasts and beaches, confessed:

"I am Dominican, I am from the Caribbean, so one would think that, naturally, I know how to swim, but not me. I have tried as many times as I could but I cannot. It is very difficult".

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