Natti Natasha captivated by teaching her fans how to kiss

The Dominican singer exploited social networks after she was filmed, showing everyone how she really kisses.

Natti Natasha is one of the most popular of the female reggaeton genre. Her fame is not only due to her voice and her spectacular dances, but also to her beauty. At only 33 years old, she has shown that she is here to stay.

Natti has captivated both his fans and his colleagues. On various stages she has made it clear that she gets along well with different artists of the same urban genre.

This time a video of Natti Natasha giving sweet kisses to the camera has been leaked. Although the video has been posted on one of the fan pages that have been created in her honor, the video has so far garnered more than 7,000 views.

At the moment the controversy that involved Natti and the legendary reggaeton, Daddy Yankee, has ceased. Recall that these two singers had to intervene to end the strong rumors of love affairs that were between them.

Natti Natasha and Daddy's wife have shown how well they get along. In fact, Mireddys has even posted various posts by the Dominican singer on her own Instagram profile. There is definitely more than friendship between them, these two reggaeton stars are like family.