Natti Natasha confessed to whom she dedicated "How bad it was"

A few weeks after its launch, "Qué mal te fue" managed to take over the cover of the "Viva latino" list on the Spotify platform

The Dominican star of the urban music scene, Natti Natasha, revealed in a recent interview with Genius Music, to whom he dedicated the lyrics of her most recent song "Qué mal te fue".

Despite the paralysis of concerts and recordings, last June Natti Natasha presented her musical single "Qué mal te fue".

The audiovisual material for his new production was directed by Natti Natasha herself and shot at her residence. For the moment, the video exceeds 40 million views on the YouTube platform alone.

"Qué mal te fue" talks about self-love, confessed the Dominican singer in an interview with Genius Music. "Sometimes leaving a relationship to enter another is not the solution because you have not found yourself. You do not have the security to say: for me to be able to love someone, I have to love myself."

The theme a few weeks after its release managed to take over the cover of the "Viva Latino" list on the Spotify platform. The song is dedicated to all those women who are in a toxic relationship, said Natti Natasha.

Natti Natasha, has been very reserved when talking about her private life, and her current emotional state is unknown. She pointed out that this song gathers the feelings of those who feel that the sentimental bond that united them with their partner was broken and the best thing is to cut it off and continue.

In the interview, shared by the singer on her Instagram profile, Natti Natasha sang one of the stanzas of the song that she liked the most: "my time has come, as a weekly check I have to change you".

At 33, Natti Natasha is considered one of the greatest representatives of reggaeton, bachata and Latin pop in general. Her songs have surpassed 200 million views on YouTube alone.