Natti Natasha declares her love for Raphy Piña in very little clothing

Natti Natasha ended the rumors about her alleged relationship with Raphy Piña, in a video that left everyone speechless

The Dominican singer Natti Natasha is a very open celebrity with her fans, with whom she is in permanent contact through social networks. But this opening is not such in the case of her private life, which she has kept out of the press.

In recent weeks, rumors of a possible romantic relationship between Natti Natasha and her manager, Raphy Piña, have increased, despite the fact that neither of them had spoken about such a link.

It was Natti Natasha herself who confirmed what was understood by all, with a video with which she defied the censorship of Instagram making reference to one of her greatest hits, "En Pijama", and in which Raphy Piña participates.

In a more recent post Natti Natasha went out of her way to praise her manager, whom she called "My partner in crime. The one who has no reversal when it comes to things".