Natti Natasha dedicated a suggestive photo to Latino daddies

Natti Natasha took advantage of the celebration of Father's Day in his native Dominican Republic to congratulate all the little parents with a provocative image.

The Dominican star of the Latin urban musical movement, Natti Natasha, is a specialist in the use of social networks to promote her career, which she demonstrates with each post full of provocations.

On this occasion, Natti Natasha used her profile on Instagram to congratulate the Dominican parents on their day with a beautiful photograph that captured the beauty of her face in all its splendor.

The image was accompanied by the following messages: "I hope all those little parents are having a good time". The publication that aroused all kinds of comments of praise for its beauty.

Natti Natasha Instagram

Natti Natasha also took advantage of the celebration for Father's Day to put an end to all the speculations that arose about his personal life, showing himself in the company of the man in his life.

Natti Natasha published an image with her father, Alejandro Gutiérrez, to whom she dedicated some beautiful words: "I am still her little girl! She makes me feel at peace and protected. The most hard-working man in the world! Happy Father's Day!"