Natti Natasha increases the rumors of an alleged romance with her manager

New evidence emerged that shows the existence of a sentimental link between Natti Natasha and her manager

Singer Natti Natasha is a very open celebrity with her fans, with whom she is in constant contact through social networks.

However, this opening is not such in the case of his private life and it is that Natti Natasha is quite reserved in this aspect and in fact her current sentimental situation is something never well clarified.

Currently, it is almost a given fact that Natti Natasha maintains a relationship with Raphy Piña, her current manager. Despite the fact that none has ruled in this regard, evidence shows the existence of a sentimental bond.

This Saturday the Dominican singer congratulated Raphy Piña on her birthday with this text: “My partner in crime. The one who has no reversal when proposing things”,she wrote.

“One day he told me that we were going through thick and thin, and that we were going to make it. When the people around you have the same vision and the same passion for what you do, the result will always be positive in every way. Happy birthday Raphy! ”, she concluded.