Natti Natasha shows off her toned legs in tiny shorts

Natti Natasha has devised a campaign to promote his latest musical single through the hashtag #quemaltefue. Look how she looks.

Singer Natti Natasha has not let confinement separate her from her followers and her appearances on social networks are constant to please fans who always want more from this artist.

Despite the stoppage of concerts and recordings in the professional studios of the record companies, the Dominican singer is determined to continue climbing steps in the music industry

For this, Natti Natasha has devised a campaign to promote her latest musical single, through the hashtag #quemaltefue, with such good results that the theme is already beginning to position itself in the taste of lovers of the Latin urban genre.

Natti Natasha's strategy includes the publication of photographs in which she shows off her beauty, where the singer of “Que mal te fue” shows off her very toned legs. The song has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

Natti Natasha is a 33-year-old Dominican singer-songwriter, considered one of the greatest representatives of reggaeton, bachata and Latin pop in general. Her songs have surpassed 210 million views on YouTube alone.

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