Natti Natasha surprises us with her memes and this ultra-tight pink top

The artist invited her fans to make memes with her photos accompanied by the hashtag #quemaltefue

One of the queens of the Latin urban genre, the Dominican Natti Natasha, continues to show her ingenuity and creativity in a time of confinement with her most recent publication on Instagram, a tool that keeps her in close contact with her public.

Natti Natasha is determined to remain at the top of the preferences in the Hispanic market despite the virtual stoppage of the music industry, which has stopped her concerts and recordings.

Hours ago Natti Natasha published on her social networks a group of photographs in which she appears in a provocative pink top and in which she performs funny gestures.

The artist invited her fans to make memes with her photos accompanied by the hashtag #quemaltefue with the intention of promoting the song of the same name, her latest success that is already starting to position itself on the music charts.

Natti Natasha also published in her story a series of hilarious memes made from the photographs. The post quickly garnered over 860,000 likes on Instagram.

Given the lack of audiovisual production companies in charge of making her videos, Natti Natasha directed the recording of the video of “Que mal te fue”, apparently shot at her home.

In the video, Natti Natasha performs her new song dressed in a red swimsuit or wearing a sarong in a pool. The video published on Yotutube now exceeds five million views.

Natti Natasha is a 33-year-old Dominican singer-songwriter considered one of the greatest representatives of reggaeton, bachata and Latin pop in general. Her songs have surpassed 200 million views on YouTube alone.

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