Netflix brings together the main trans artists of Hollywood in this documentary (+ Video)

"Disclosure: Being trans beyond the screen" focuses on the representation that trans people are offered, both on television and in the cinema

Last January the documentary "Disclosure: Being trans beyond the screen" was released, a production that addresses the stereotypes with which Hollywood and the media represent this community that is an important part of the entertainment industry.

This Netflix documentary focuses on the portrayal of trans people, both on television and in film, and the influence of that vision on the culture of the American people.

"Disclosure" interviews screenwriters, actors, actresses, and trans directors, who offer their insight into the industry's representation of their community.

In the documentary, directed and produced by Sam Feder, the actress Laverne Cox, defender of the rights of the LGBTQ + community and member of the cast of the series Orange is the New Black, in which Cox became famous, participates.

There is also the testimonies of Chaz Bono, Alexandra Gray, Mj Rodríguez, Yance Ford Trace Lysette and Jamie Clayton, who narrate their experiences in television and cinema.

Of particular importance is the interview with actress Alexandra Billings, one of the first women to play a transgender character in the movie Romy and Michele: In the Beginning.

The trans stars who offer their experiences coincide in highlighting the determining role played by the representations offered in the media, where they are often ridiculed or violated, in the public perception of their community.

The documentary "Disclosure: Being trans beyond the screen" was released in January at the Sundance Film Festival and has been available on Netflix since June 19, on the LGBTQ pride month.