New PlayStation 5: Sony revealed details of its new design

This Thursday, Sony released official information and even the exclusive design of the new PlayStation 5. An atypical 2020, but with new technology. See all the details here.

The mystery ended. This Thursday, Sony revealed on the Internet how the new PlayStation 5 console would be like, with a black body surrounded by white edges. It will hit the market later this year with its rival, Xbox.
They also added the announcement of two sequels of the best-selling video games with the release of the previous PS4 model: "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" and "Horizon: Forbidden West".

New PlayStation 5, from Sony

At launch, a highlight was the first look at the racing game "Grand Turismo 7" and a brief look at "Resident Evil 8 by Capcom". In addition to offering better images, the new console also has a custom hard drive that will radically reduce loading times.

Sony also highlighted new hardware features for the PS5, including 3D audio and a 4K Blu-ray player. They could even launch a version of the PlayStation 5 without a disk drive.

The new PS5 joystick

Do you want more? Sony is building a library of premiere titles that will only be available on its next-generation machine, which contrasts with Microsoft's strategy, which launches new games for its past consoles and for its next generation.

Sony chose to stream prerecorded video at 1080p resolution, which is much lower than the PS5 is capable of playing, rather than hosting a live event that is aware of the current global  context.

Play Station 5.

The PlayStation 5 will go on sale later this year, seven years after the PS4, released in 2013. Of course, it's expected to be twice as good. There are still no details of its release,  when, where and at what price.

In recent hours, on Amazon UK, the placeholder of the PS5 has appeared, but as a 2 TB model, when Sony confirmed that the console would have an 825 GB capacity SSD. The exposed price is almost 600 pounds, about 670 euros; possible, reasonable, but not official yet.

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