New complaint: Justin Bieber was accused of abusing two girls on his tours

In the last hours, several fans of different celebrities were encouraged to speak, after being abused, even as minors. This time, a new complaint appeared and against singer Justin Bieber. Look at the details.

This week began with several complaints on social networks from fans who confessed and opened their hearts when they said that they were abused, even as minors. Some of the celebrities accused were "You" actor Chris D 'Elía; Ansel Elgort, from "Under the same star"; even Danny Masterson, star of "That 70's Show".

In the last hours, it was the turn of the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who is back in the middle of the controversy. This time not for Selena Gomez or his wife Hailey Bieber, but for having touched two girls on some of their music tours.

Justin Bieber, in the eye of the storm after being denounced by two fans.

The alleged victims, whose names are Danielle and Kadi, openly recounted the sexual abuse they suffered during Justin Bieber's musical tours on social media. The first by Twitter, whose events occurred in 2014.

"He took me from my jeans, unbuttoned them, took them off and began to touch my underwear with his fingers," she said from her anonymous account. In turn, she added: "I started to think and began to doubt myself, then he lowered my underwear, grabbed the sheets on the bed to cover us. His body was on top of mine, skin to skin, he forced himself inside me" .

Subsequent to that accusation, Kadi told his own story of Bieber's aggression in 2015. It is a story very similar to that of the first girl. Both quickly became trending with their Twitter posts.

"He started kissing me, touching my body and stroking me. I asked him to stop and kept saying that he couldn't have sex with anyone before marriage. So Bieber started pushing me onto the bed and putting his body against mine", said Kadi. 

"He immobilized me, pulled down my leggings and his shorts and penetrated me. He aggravated me and I pushed and kicked him between the legs and I ran out of the room", the alleged victim fully detailed.

Justin Bieber has not spoken out on the women's allegations. Many of his thousands of followers have been disappointed by these allegations. While some unconditionally support the Canadian, others choose to believe the stories of Danielle and Kadi.

Justin Bieber and his wife, model Hailey Baldwin.

Several wonder what his wife, Victoria's Secrets model Hailey Baldwin, will think: will she believe her husband or will she be on the side of the alleged victims, who have become Justin Bieber's No. 1 trend on Twitter in the last few hours?

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