News from The Blacklist: This character may be alive

The Blacklist has positioned itself as one of the best series on Netflix. Definitely the police outcome and the criminal drama have left more than one speechless. Apparently one of the characters did not really die as we were told.

If anything The Blacklist has left us, it is that we will certainly not know if a character really died or not, because the drama here focuses on the strange connections that FBI criminal informant Raymond Reddington has.

In this series we will see a lot of death and massacres, and more if it is a betrayal of Red. However, not all deaths are the same. In The Blacklist on several occasions we have seen how those characters that we thought were "dead" have reappeared, leaving us with a great surprise.

This list of "resurrected" can not miss Katarina Rostova, Ilyas Surkov, Tom Keen (after Berlin) and even Red himself after the fire.

Setting aside those that for one reason or another we have considered dead, such as the daughter of Berlin, the husband of Isabella Stone and other characters that perhaps viewers have forgotten.

Die or is still alive?

A lot of emotions brought about the death of Tom Keen, who is played by Ryan Eggold, this character once wanted to murder his wife, agent Boone Keen.

However, this actor "escaped" a possible spoiler, since in an interview he stated that Tom Keen is "unequivocally dead". Could this give us the chance to see him in action again?