Not allowed for cardiacs! Henry Cavill shows you how to achieve a body of steel

The young actor has one of the most athletic bodies in the film industry

By  Right Now Newsroom

British actor Henry Cavill, whose face became popular around the world after bringing the man of steel to life in the latest version of the movie Superman, has become a girl favorite.

Cavill, who is also known for his participation in the television series The Tudors and the latest Netflix production, The Witcher, owns one of the most athletic bodies in the film industry.

His smile, his huge pecs and his charm have allowed Henry Cavill to repeat in the ranking of the sexiest men in the world, dethroning the cute boys of Hollywood: Robert Pattinson and Liam Hemsworth.

In a video posted on a fanpage, Cavill shares with his followers one of the exercise routines he practices during quarantine to continue wearing a huge physique.

Henry Cavill, the boy they all dream of, is shown in the audiovisual in a very sensual attitude, moving from one side to the other of the treadmill, to the rhythm of the music.

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