No more lice: Learn how to use lemon and vinegar to fight nits and lice

Combat lice and nits with these natural, inexpensive products that you surely have at home. Generally, the smallest are the most vulnerable to these small insects, so attack them with this novel and safe method.

Why is lemon effective against lice and nits?

In addition to being a citrus fruit used in various foods to give it that "extra" flavor, lemon also has important benefits against lice and nits:


Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant, which if you use it on your hair will be able to reduce the chances of bacteria and fungi on your hair, as well as being an ally against lice and nits.

Learn how to use lemon and vinegar to fight nits and lice


Lemon acid is known for being an effective insecticide against nits and lice that are able to stick to the hair strands.


The strong smell of lemon juice is effective as a repellent against these insects, preventing colonization on the head.

Prepare lemon and vinegar in this way against lice:

To start preparing this effective lice treatment, we will need the juice of a whole lemon, for this you can pour it into a container. Remember to remove the seeds.

Microwave half a glass of water and heat it up a bit. You will add this same water to the lemon juice you just squeezed. Help yourself with a teaspoon to dilute these two ingredients. You can transfer this mixture to a bottle with a spray bottle to make it easier for you to apply it all over your hair.

Start to moisten your hair and scalp with this mixture, let it act for about 30 minutes. You can wrap your head with a towel to make the effect more effective.

Learn how to use lemon and vinegar to fight nits and lice

In the same bottle, add a little apple cider vinegar and moisten your hair with this liquid. In this way it will enhance the effect of the lemon, you can leave it for 20 or 10 more minutes. Finally rinse and wash your hair, when you finish washing you can comb your hair with a special brush to remove lice and nits. You will see how many will fall dead.

You can do this remedy 1 or 2 times a week.