Novel method: 5 tips that will make your nails grow easily in only 3 days

Surely you have tried to make your nails grow in many ways without achieving the objective. In this post you will find different ways to stimulate nail growth, so you can look long and beautiful in a short time. Try it, here we will tell you how.

If you have decided to have your own natural nails, you should know that there are some reasons why they stop growth, such as biting them, always having them painted or maintaining an unbalanced diet. That is why, today we will tell you how to easily grow nails in 3 days.

Tips that will make your nails grow easily 

5 Tips to make your nails grow

To make your nails grow quickly, you must put into practice the following recommendations and pay attention to the home remedies listed below. Get ready to have the most beautiful nails in the world.


Tips that will make your nails grow easily 

Eating healthy is an important alternative to grow nails quickly, for this you must increase the amount of protein-rich foods incorporated into your diet, since it is a main support in the formation and growth of nails.

Therefore, to show off long and strong nails, drink protein shakes, add dairy to your breakfast and complement it with a daily supplement of vitamin D and biotin.

2.-Perform exercises on the hands

Tips that will make your nails grow easily 

Perform activities that allow the fingers to move as they increase the flow of blood to the fingers, indirectly encouraging the nails to grow quickly. To achieve this we recommend activities such as: typing on a keyboard, playing the piano, filing documents, among other things.

3.- Eggshell

Another effective and simple method is to use the Eggshell. If you are one of those who eat nails and want to have longer nails, put an eggshell in a bowl and grind it into powder.

Then add this powder into your preferred enamel. The calcium in the eggshell will help short nails grow.

4.- Onion, another homemade miracle

If you want to accelerate the growth of your nails you must do the following: Peel and process half an onion, then the juice that you extract from the onion, pour it into a container and introduce the nails for 30 minutes.

Another way to make them grow is to use the onion juice and pour it on your nails, letting it rest overnight on the nails. Wrap your hands in gloves or plastic bags.


5.-Cucumber, the ally of beauty

Tips that will make your nails grow easily 

Cucumber is one of the most widely used vegetables in beauty treatments thanks to its effective healing properties. So, if you use it daily it will serve as an ally to end with brittle nails and make you have long and strong nails in a few days.

Tips that will make your nails grow easily 


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