Novel method: False nails with plastic bottles

Novel method: False nails with plastic bottles

It is a very affordable and accessible option for all types of budgets, and you can make it yourself with materials that you will surely have at home.

Nails are considered as a cover letter that says a lot about the person, since they reflect personal hygiene, tastes, health and lifestyle.

For many women their nails are an extension of themselves and they dedicate time, money and effort to keep them presentable and look their best. What would you say if you had the possibility to show off some amazing false nails made with plastic bottles?

What do you need?

Start by cutting off the top or the mouth of the plastic bottle. Then cut some strips with the help of a scissor along the bottle. Once you have the strips, roll them up in a pencil and leave them for about 5 minutes, you can fix them with adhesive tape.

False nails with plastic bottles

After the time, remove the strips from the pencil and soak them for 10 minutes in a container with hot water. Then dry and start cutting and filing the plastic according to the shape of your nails.

List the false nails, put them with glue on your nails. This requires the surface to be clean. Once put on, make the last touches before painting.

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