Novel method: Learn how to make beautiful highlights with a comb, without leaving home

You no longer have to go to your stylist so you can show off extraordinary highlights. Today we will tell you how to make the hair strands with a comb, step by step.

Aside from being easy to do, these beautiful highlights offer the advantage that highlights our hair that will light up our face. But how is it done? The highlights with comb, are made from the division we make of the hair with the help of a comb indicated for it.

Novel method: Learn how to make beautiful highlights with a comb, without leaving home

Tips for making the highlights with a comb

This technique is very comfortable to apply. Apart from not burning the hair too much, it usually leaves the hair much softer. This type of highlights is right at the root of the hair, so the root effect would take a long time to appear.

It is perfect for women with curly hair, since they do not tangle your hair at all and prevents your head from hurting while you do them.

You should keep in mind the way you comb your hair, even if you do a line or not. These types of highlights are not very defined but rather blurred.

Another very important aspect to keep in mind is the tone or color of the hair. For example, brown people can use the comb to achieve reflections that are lighter, while those who are brown or blonde should use the division technique to do what are known as highlights or reflections.

What you need to make comb highlights

For this, you need a special comb to make highlights or the palette as it is also known. If you have experience in painting hair, you can use any hairdressing comb for this technique.

Step by step for how to get the wicks with a comb

1.- First divide the hair in half horizontally, that is, from ear to ear, also separate the pads.

2.- Proceed to prepare the product you are going to use, either the dye or the discoloration, trying to make the mixture thick and without lumps.

Novel method: Learn how to make beautiful highlights with a comb, without leaving home

3.- Remember to follow the instructions of the product you are going to use well, and to make a good division between the dye and the bleach so that you can get a cream that when smeared on the hair of the color result you want.

4.- A way to see how the wicks will be in pouring a little water with soap into a container and applying it as if it were the dye. Start by applying the dye from the bottom up.

5.- Wet the comb by smearing a good amount of dye, since when the comb passes through the hair, the product remains in it and not the dye remains in the comb.

6.- Leave an appropriate distance between wick and wick, that is why the division mentioned above is very important. Because if you do not, the wicks may be on one side closer to each other, or more separated, and will not look uniform.

7.- Try not to grab a thick lock with the comb, since the ideal is to see fine locks on each lock. Once you are done with all the strands, leave it on for about 30 minutes.

8.- Finish by washing the hair, then dry with a clean towel with gentle massages and comb. When drying the hair you will see some precious highlights or beautiful reflections.