OMG! Alexandra Daddario surprises all her fans with a swimsuit on the beach. Does it fit her?

Alexandra Daddario surprises her fans by playing in her swimsuit

By  Right Now Newsroom

Alexandra Daddario is a young actress with a great career in the world of modeling and acting due to this she has a large number of followers around the world.

A menudo sus seguidores crean fanpage donde suben todo el material que pueden recopilar de ella, recientemente se volvió popular un video en una cuenta de la red social instagram en el que Alexandra juega una broma a sus fans. 

Often her followers create a fanpage where they upload all the material they can collect from her, recently a video became popular on an instagram social network account in which Alexandra plays a prank on her fans.

In this material you can see a green swimsuit on the sand, then she focuses pretending that she is not wearing it, but to the surprise of her fans Alexandra played a joke on her since she was wearing a beautiful black beach outfit.

The recording of which we speak has as a description "What do you think?", The video would soon cause a stir among his fans who soon reacted and reached the surprising amount of 124,654 likes by their followers.

The short was published on that page on April 12, 2018, it is dedicated to closely follow the life of Alexandra Daddario and some actors who are close to her.

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