OMG: Danna Paola leaves millions breathless in this photo

The famous actress and singer of Mexican origin has left millions of people speechless, after appearing in this photograph in a quite controversial way. Look at all the details.

Danna Paola Rivera Munguía, known as Danna Paola, is a well-known actress and singer of only 25 years of age, who has been characterized by becoming one of the most important celebrities in her country of origin.

From a very young age, the famous artist has remained very involved in the world of art and entertainment, which has helped her obtain a high level of experience throughout her artistic career.

On the other hand, another detail that has also helped her obtain that level of fame that she currently has, has been the controversy that has arisen in her environment. It seems that the famous has earned a reputation for cruel and controversial.

And these last details can be seen very closely after being photographed wearing a tight black body, which had a certain neckline that did not leave much to the imagination.

Taking into account, that at that moment Danna Paola decided to appear holding a cigarette in one of her hands, thus demonstrating that what she is least afraid of is comments and rumors.