OMG! Dwayne Johnson to appear in a DC Comics movie Marvel is on the alert!

Watch the video that caused thousands of Marvel fans to be jealous

By  Right Now Newsroom

DC comics is one of the world's most recognized entertainment companies, this is due to the quality of its comics and movies which have marked the childhood of thousands of people.

In 2019 the film Shazam was released, which tells the story of a young orphan who, thanks to his personal virtues, is chosen to protect the world accompanied by his adoptive brothers.

After this movie, all the fans were surprised thanks to the excellent cast, the good special effects and the comedy touches that are not typical in DC Comics.

Recently, on the official Instagram account of actor Dwayne Douglas Johnson better known as The Rock, a video has become popular suggesting that he may appear in the movie Shazam 2.

Apparently, Dwayne will play the villain Black Adam for that reason the short film surprised all his followers and to this day it has the amount of 10,744,713 views.

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