OMG! Johnny Depp surprises all his fans with this photograph. What a horror!

Find out who could be the members of the new Hollywood band

By  Right Now Newsroom

In the artistic world there are a large number of actors who stand out for their multiple skills in various activities in which they are also well known, one of them is Johnny Depp who has an admirable musical career.

Because of this he is admired by other great actors and it is common to see them go to the concerts of "Hollywood Vampires" and share with Johnny and the other members of the band.

Reason why a few days ago a behind-the-scenes photo was leaked in a followers account of the Instagram social network, in which you can see Jim Carrey, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp and Steven Tyler.

The snapshot that we talked about caused great surprise and excitement among all the followers of this account, who soon accumulated 71,414 likes from their followers.

Those who expressed their emotion through comments such as "4 legends ... fantastic" referring to the fact that in the snapshot are 3 of the best actors in the world and a living rock legend.

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