OMG! Look at the photo of Camila Cabello that caused a furor in the networks OMG! Look at the photo of Camila Cabello that caused a furor in the networks

OMG! Look at the photo of Camila Cabello that caused a furor in the networks

"... I love when you call me Miss" is what Camila thinks when her boyfriend Shawn Mendes calls her.

At 23 years old, Camila Cabello represents the overcoming of women in the face of adversity, and also the beauty framed in a Latin heart by her Cuban roots as well as a lively talent since she sang in the group ‘Fifth Harmony’.

Everything indicates that Camila is very aware of the stress that the situation of Pandemia can generate in recent months, which has resulted in the star maturing her love relationship with the Canadian Mendes and taking advantage of the passage of time in her residence in Miami to "meditate deeply".

Camila Cabello

“Meditation has changed my life in the past few months. I didn't share this with you until now because I was honestly trying to feel good. But I was experiencing very important anxiety ”, confessed the beautiful singer-songwriter on her Instagram account, with more than 50 million‘ Camilizers ’.

Camila is  sitting in a wooden chair in broad daylight, in the residence she shares with Shawn Mendes, wearing a black mini top and leggings with a striking print that insinuates traveling around the Universe.

At the best rate of 'Havana, oh, na, na' is that Camila has been living the last few weeks, who is seen with a light countenance and in deep calm, transmitted by a transcendental meditation that: “is the practice of strengthening habits such as empathy, love, and compassion, feeling more connected to every living being".

Camila Cabello has the backing of her current boyfriend, who has also been affected by the order of the musical calendar and has had time for the odd joke of his beloved girlfriend in his new Tik Tok account.

Camila Cabello on Instagram

According to her method, it consists of "sitting with the spine straight" and then "taking three deep breaths to start noticing the natural flow of the breath". So Camila Cabello would love if you  have 10 minutes just to perform this to "be part of the solution".

After calming the mind comes healing “Be aware of breathing, breathing. Now imagine all the humans in the world right now, the elderly, people who have respiratory problems and are vulnerable, imagine their families ”, Cabello concluded in her caption :" I love you guys, to be free of diseases ".

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