OMG! Now Maisie Williams has hair on her chest and a giant belly, what happened to her?

Actress Maisie Williams surprised her fans on social media after posting a photo of her new look. She enjoyed a jacuzzi and was photographed like this.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Actress Maisie Williams, better known as Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones series, stunned her fans after posting a photo of her new style.

The 22-year-old is famous for her talent and also for her beauty, changing her look quite often, although this one was not expected.

Inside a jacuzzi, Maisie Williams posed and uploaded the image in the stories of her official instagram account. He has chest hair and a big belly!

Maisie Williams chose a filter that has to do directly with Atlético Madrid, a filter that makes you go through Jesús Gil.

The late president of the Spanish soccer club has many iconic photos and moments and this one stands out. What scare, no?

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