OMG: Selena Gomez returned wearing a body-fitting sports outfit

Selena Gomez is enjoying being single and on her latest music album. A while ago she was heavily criticized for her weight, but she was able to get ahead and she shows it.

Many fans came to wonder why it was that Selena Gomez suddenly started to gain and lose weight in a very drastic way. Taking out the bad comments, there was also a bit of concern about her health. 

Selena Gómez

The beautiful singer suffered from lupus, now she could speak openly to everyone in an interview. She also commented that medical treatment to combat it was affecting her metabolism.

Gomez's body became a trend on the internet to receive insults and humiliations of all kinds, after she had published a bikini photo in Mexico.

For no reason, someone should suffer harassment like the one she experienced, and less for something related to physical appearance, the artist was forced to leave social networks and devoted herself to taking care of herself.

Selena Gómez

Now, Selena returned to show off her curves in very controversial poses wearing different outfits from the renowned Puma brand, with very tight adjustments that shows her slim fitness body.