OMG! Shakira challenged JLo with short dress outfit

Colombian singer Shakira used a very daring dress for her "I like" video that Jennifer López had been wearing for a while

Both are top artists of the moment and arouse passions wherever they go. It will be difficult to know who fits best since both have their own style to wear each garment.

JLo and Shakira

The design of this dress is the work of the Italian Puglisi, with a cut out effect on the sides that reveals much of the chest, it is a deep neckline with thin straps and as part of the design, a metallic sun in the center.

Jennifer used it in one of the broadcasts of "American Idol" combined it with silver details, and Shakira used the outfit for her video with the collaboration of Anuel "Me gusta"

The dress has a cost of a thousand dollars, it should be noted that it is not the first time that these two singers coincide in their tastes for fashion, they apparently share the same style.

JLo and Shakira

There is no doubt that everything looks great for both of them, and each one puts a particular stamp with which they always dazzle before the eyes of all present. What will be the public's favorite.