OMG! Shakira raised her shirt in the middle of the concert and inadvertently showed everything

Shakira has been in the music industry for years and her name remains one of the most sought after. Even today her successes continue to be heard in discos around the world.

There are many who would like to see Shakira fall into oblivion. However, she still has a wave of fans who praise her daily and who continue to faithfully support her artistic career.


It has become evident that many haters daily seek to discredit her with photos, rumors and of course criticism of her physical appearance, despite the fact that she looks spectacular.

His most beloved fans have recovered some photos and recently at the SuperBowl showed that it remains the same, but his followers are still looking to publish one of the most controversial photos of the artist where she got her shirt up.


These are some of the comments in the photograph "My God, if you can't be more beautiful", "Brutal", "What belly does this woman have", "If your abs show up", "Amazing" or "So that later their haters say that Shakira has never been fit"

In this image we can see the couple of Piqué during an event, just at the moment when she lifts her shirt and reveals her beautiful and toned belly.