Oxford clinical trial achieved in one month what takes at least 6 months under normal conditions

Getting the cure for Covid-19 has become a race for humanity, to try to make humanity prevail in the face of this pandemic.

A Latin American scientist, Pedro Folegatti, who belongs to the Oxford University team, spoke a little about the work he does for the study that has led him to invest more than 17 hours a day in tests and studies.

Since the end of February, researchers have been working around the clock looking for a vaccine

In an interview for the BBC, the scientist stated regarding the hard work he has been doing:

"It varies a lot, but I've slept an average of four (hours, since February)", while laughing at his own response.

The expert explained that although the process involved in the study in this particular case was accelerated, it has not compromised its quality or execution.

"The process has been accelerated in a very substantial way, yes, but without compromising important elements regarding the safety of the volunteers participating in the study," he said.

Regarding the vaccine of the work team to which he belongs, he stated:

"What the preliminary results show is that the vaccine is safe as it did not cause serious side effects in any of the 1,077 participants who were recruited. And it was able to induce an immune system response, which we need to understand even better, as this translates into effectiveness against the coronavirus”

In addition to this, the expert explains that the antibodies generated after the application of the vaccine respond positively to the virus:

"We know that there are several antibodies induced by one or two doses of the vaccine. The quality of these antibodies is good, in the sense that they not only exist in sufficient quantity, but are also capable of neutralizing the virus. It also induces another part of the immune response, which we call T-cell immunity"

Folegatti has expressed that without a doubt this is the most important project in his entire career, and ensures that he can hardly participate in any other study that exceeds it.

“Without a doubt, this has been the biggest challenge of my career, making these things happen in such a short time. Having the opportunity to participate in this project is the most exciting thing in my career so far and it will be difficult to overcome it ”

With information from the BBC.