Permanent manicure: Style, economy and durability for your nails

The permanent manicure lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

Nails are considered a cover letter that says a lot about the person, since they reflect hygiene habits, personal hygiene, tastes, health and lifestyle.

For many women, their nails are an extension of themselves and they dedicate care and effort to keep them presentable and look their best.

For nail care there is a whole area of the cosmetic industry, along with very specialized trades. The latest trend in this topic is the permanent manicure, which offers a duration of 2 to 3 weeks, which far exceed the 5 days of traditional nail polishes.

The permanent enamels are fixed with LED lamps

Unlike conventional paints, permanent enamels are fixed to the surface of your nails using LED lamps. This procedure can also be performed on your toenails with the advantage that its durability in the pedicure is even greater and can reach one month.

Permanent manicures cost much less than other techniques such as sculpting acrylics or gels, and their results, designs and colors are equally spectacular; competing in durability in exchange for greater economy and speed of the process.

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