Photo: Elizabeth Olsen falls in love with all Marvel fans with this OMG!

Elizabeth Olsen makes social networks go crazy after uploading this photo.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Elizabeth Olsen better known as the Scarlet Witch is one of the main characters in the cinematographic world of Marvel, her participation has been essential in her latest films.

In recent days, he has highlighted a photograph of the actress which was published on a followers page on Instagram. The photo of which we speak has left us with our mouths open as we can see the young woman wearing a red suit and with what appears to be a helmet.

The snapshot surprised all Elizabeth's fans as the post so far has 11,214 “Likes” as all of her fans think this outfit might be her new Scarlet Witch outfit.

But to the surprise and disappointment of some of his fans, this is not so because the snapshot was taken a few years ago and this characteristic and fun outfit is only a Halloween costume which helps to highlight its beauty.

And the confusion was due to the fact that the photograph was uploaded a year after it was taken and Elizabeth's fans did not relate it to Halloween, but rather as a new superhero costume.

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