Photo: Luis Miguel's daughter took off all her clothes on the streets of New York

Michelle Salas is the eldest and most distant daughter not raised by Luis Miguel. This girl does not abandon social networks in confinement, on the contrary she has remained very active and hot for her fans

Michelle Salas has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, is a model and has become the new influencer of some well-known brands such as Dior.

She has surprised on her social networks impacting with her return home, after several months in Miami, Michelle Salas walks through New York covered only with newspaper.

The publication is accompanied by the following description: "We belong to something beautiful". The photo caused a furor, the comments ignited her Instagram because her beauty was exposed, as she rarely does.

Luis Miguel's daughter 

Michelle Salas is usually reserved but apparently she decided to generate controversy with her great content and thus grow much faster in numbers, a little boost for her account.

The photograph managed to gather more than 27 thousand "likes" in a few hours and is still on the rise. Her plan has worked, the Mexican has earned the love of the public and thus takes advantage of her fame.