Photos: They capture Selena Gómez leaving the beach as in ‘Baywatch’ See her reaction!

Selena Gomez is caught on the beach wearing a tight swimsuit

By  Right Now Newsroom

Recently, the young philanthropist Selena Gómez has released a music album with which she plans to raise funds and donate them to hospitals, these kinds of actions are common in Selena.

The interpreter of famous musical themes such as 'feel me' or 'rare', is not only a lover of humanity but is also a recognized actress and model who has enchanted many of her followers, who create pages on the social network of Instagram for share and make more known about it.

On a Selena fan page you can see a photograph of her leaving the beach in a beautiful black swimsuit, which shows her incredible figure and makes her look like a magazine model.

A few hours after its publication, the image is already trending since it accumulates 106 likes by its fans and you can see comments like "I just can't do with this beauty."

It should be noted that Selena does not usually upload photos of this type, since she takes great care of public opinion. The snapshot was taken and published by a fanatic of the actress, as the publication points out.

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