Pineapple: The magic fruit that will end oily faces, acne and pimples in just 1 step

Pineapple is a fruit that, in addition to being delicious, we can use in our beauty rituals to show off a fresh and fresh complexion. It is just a matter of following this simple advice and start enjoying the results.

Our face is one of the parts of the body that is most exposed and if you are a woman, the skin is compromised by the constant use of makeup.

Healthy inside and out.

To take care of our face we do not have to resort to commercial cosmetics, we can implement simple tips with natural ingredients that will help treat, recover, improve and hydrate our skin.

If you have an oily complexion and with it come the horrible pimples, impurities and blackheads, follow this simple trick, so simple that it will seem like a lie, and make your skin naturally regulate the oil that spoils photos and makeup.

What do you need?

How to do it?

Use the pulp of the pineapple to make a paste that you will get by processing it without adding any liquid.

Apply the fruit to the entire face as you apply a mask and leave it to act for 20-30 minutes. Remove with cold water and you're done. The simplest fat regulating mask in the world that will help you remove impurities and obtain beautiful skin.

Melanie Cossetti

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