Poor dear! Jlo fell on stage and see what OMG showed!

Jennifer López was exposed in front of everyone on stage Poor thing!

By  Right Now Newsroom

Jennifer Lynn López Rodríguez or better known as Jennifer López is a 50-year-old American singer who from a very young age dreamed of being an artist and for this she worked hard to fulfill her dream.

Let's remember Jennifer López's participation in any event that is extremely important to her, an example of this was the opening of this year's Super Bowl, which she opened with singer Shakira.

Recently, investigating YouTube we have come across a video that has left us bewildered, because in it we can see how from one moment to another the singer Jennifer López falls to the ground by mistake.

The most curious thing is that since her suit is very gummed, the body Jennifer Lopez shows her attributes by mistake in front of the cameras that are present at the event.

As expected fans of Jennifer Lopez commented on this video and among them we highlight: "The fall was not even noticed, he knew how to hide it very well ... and the show must continue ... great JLO"

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