Powerful shake to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is a topic of global importance as it affects all women without distinction of race or creed. This delicious juice has abundant anti-cancer benefits that will help prevent it.

Breast cancer is a disease that attacks many women and can be fought if caught early. Having a healthy life and avoiding bad habits can help avoid suffering from this terrible disease, and with this powerful shake you will help prevent this disease while drinking a delicious and healthy juice.

Meet the powerful shake that fights breast cancer

What do you need?

How do you make it?

Grate the carrot and the beets. Get the juice from the oranges and process in the blender with ice. If you want you can sweeten with honey.

Prepare it every morning because in addition to helping prevent cancer, it will fill you with energy and combat any deficiency that your body has at the moment.

According to the World Health Organization, beets contain betanin, which is an effective anticancer agent; carrot is one of the foods with the most anti-cancer benefits, and orange contains antioxidant benefits that help keep your body away from the carcinogenic nitrosamine.

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