Prepare a facial moisturizing mask with chocolate and honey

We have always heard that if you eat a lot of chocolate, you get beans. Here we debunk this myth and teach you how to prepare a chocolate and honey mask to hydrate the skin.

Although chocolate seems to be an enemy for skin imperfections, it is increasingly used in the cosmetics industry since several of its components are healthy for the skin.

In addition to mitigating the effects of stress, it serves as a hydrating and restorative therapy. Remember: you should always eat moderately and thus give your body an extra antioxidant in order to improve health. Home treatments like face masks are a great option to combat acne and achieve smoother, firmer skin.

Facial moisturizing mask with chocolate and honey

The mask based on the combination of chocolate and honey is one of the many ways to use this food as a product for skin care. Of course, and as we always advise, it is optimal to acquire dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa, which is the beneficial one.

The treatment is recommended for dry skin, but it can also be used on normal and oily skin. In addition to providing antioxidants, this homemade treatment will attribute moisturizing benefits that retain the skin's natural water to prevent changes in its pH and has exfoliating qualities that facilitate the removal of dead skin and other residues that remain attached to the skin. 


Both oatmeal and yogurt help to lighten the face and facilitate the removal of impurities.


  1. Take the dark chocolate and put it in a container in a double boiler so that it melts.
  2. When it is creamy, add honey, oatmeal, and plain yogurt.
  3. Stir with the help of a wooden spoon and make sure that everything is well integrated.
  4. Let it cool until it reaches a bearable temperature for the skin, since it should not solidify too much.
  5. If the treatment is ready to be applied, clean your face very well and make sure to leave it without a trace of makeup.
  6. Use a brush or your fingertips to spread a thin layer all over your face.
  7. Cover it completely, close your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes.
  8. After this time, moisten with a little warm water and perform gentle exfoliating massages.
  9. Remove the entire product with more water and dry with a soft cloth. In a few days, you will feel incredible results

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