Prepare this delicious lettuce Rolls Prepare this delicious lettuce Rolls

Prepare this delicious lettuce Rolls

Today, we will add another recipe to your diet plan. We want you to keep yourself healthy, so here you have a tasty meal to prepare. Have fun and enjoy it!

If you like rolls and you think they are unhealthy but delicious, we bring you a nice recipe that will have both sides. Get ready to prepare it and taste it, and you will see how easy and delicious it is. Keep reading!

Lettuce rolls
⦁    1 big lettuce leave
⦁    100 grs of almonds
⦁    100 of nuts
⦁    2 tbsp olive oil
⦁    1 tbsp of water
⦁    ½ carrot
⦁    1 tbsp garlic powder
⦁    ½ red and yellow pepper
⦁    1 scallion
⦁    Salt and pepper

How to make it
Take a leaf of the lettuce, cut it in half, remove the white stem, and put on aside. Chop the scallion and the peppers very thin, we also grate the carrot, and we put aside. Put the almonds, nuts, oil, and the salt and pepper in a processor until we get a homogeneous paste. Put the leaves one over the other, cover them with the paste with a spoon until they are completely covered. Add the chopped vegetables, covering the leaves completely. We roll them, pressing to compact them, and we cut in half. Serve them with a healthy dressing. Enjoy!

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