Protein test: Find out if you need it in your hair and see these masks

Many times we lose the necessary proteins in our hair, especially if we do not use the proper treatment.

If you feel that your hair has lost hardness, volume and shine, it is probably lacking in protein. You can know this if it loses its natural shine again even if you hydrate it every day.

Find out if you need it in your hair 

If you feel identified with these characteristics, your hair may lack of protein:

Brittle and very weak strands: if the strands of your hair break and not break from the root but in the middle, then your hair could be asking for help.

Constant treatments: if you are one of those who usually do many treatments, such as discolorations, straightening or if you usually dye your hair a lot, then your hair may be dry due to lack of nutrients.

Heavy hair: If you feel that your hair is lacking in movement or you feel it is very light and with a heavy texture, then it is very likely that you are asking for a dose of protein.

Homemade Protein Hair Masks 

Avocado mask

Avocado is the perfect fruit to bring your hair back to life. It strengthens it, rehabilitates it and also hydrates it. For this you will need:

Find out if you need it in your hair 

The way to do it is very simple. You just have to peel and crush your avocado well in a bowl. Add the egg to your mixture and beat everything well before adding the two tablespoons of oil. Everything must be homogeneous.

Its final consistency is pasty. Once obtained, you can slightly moisten your hair and start applying from the roots to the ends. You must do it lock by lock so that your hair hydrates completely.

Let your mask do its work for about 40 minutes and then you can wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo and rinse. In addition to being economical, it is very easy, and surely you have all the ingredients at home.

Find out if you need it in your hair 

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