What are Hunter Schafer, Maluma, Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner doing together in underwear?

The young actress has served as a muse to great designers

By  Right Now Newsroom

Hunter Schafer has everyone eclipsed since her appearance in Euphoria, the HBO youth series in which the young actress plays Jules Vaughn, a character with whom she shares her identity as a transgender woman.

Although Euphoria is his first experience on the screen, his face will surely be familiar to you. Schafer has been the cover of countless publications, including Teen Vogue magazine, which in 2017 brought together 21 personalities under the age of 21.

Contrary to what could be boasted of her success on the small screen, acting is not her biggest passion, Hunter Schafer is a fashion girl, who has served as a muse to great designers like Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu and Dior.

In a video posted to her Instragram account, Schafer, originally from North Carolina, was shown alongside model Kendall Jenner, singer Lil Nas X, rapper SZA, Chinese actor Lay Zhang, and singers Justin Bieber and Maluma.

Schafer, in a completely irreverent attitude, shows himself - like his colleagues - in underwear, as part of the most recent Calvin Klein campaign, which brought together different personalities from around the world.

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