Natti Natasha moves like this in front of the cameras and with little fabric

Natti Natasha send a special greeting to Daddy Yankee but with his rear

By  Right Now Newsroom

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista better known as Natti Natasha is a 33-year-old Dominican, who has won the hearts of all her fans, because her talent and personality have captivated all the media, therefore they make her known without stopping .

In addition to the aforementioned, we all know that Natti Natasha has a fully toned body envied by many, but did you know that Natti Natacha can move her body and curves as she sees fit?

The above mentioned we highlight for a simple reason and that is that Natti Natasha has simply surprising movements, and so you can see what we are talking about we will show you a video that will leave you speechless.

This audiovisual material captures just the exact moment when Natti Natasha dances a song by the renowned Daddy Yankee, obviously it is a famous challenge.

Without a doubt, this dance by Natti Natasha surprised singer Daddy Yankee. Therefore, he published it on his Instagram account and made a couple of dedications. How lucky!

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